Wow, I can’t believe it is already finals week! This year has flown by. As the time passes, and I take more and more classes that are included in my major, the more I am reminded on how much I love Interdisciplinary Studies. Through Interdisciplinary Studies, I created a major called Outdoor Science Education. This major mainly pulls classes from Adventure Education, Environmental Science and Policy, Biology, and more. Without this program, I would have never been able to have taken all of the classes that I have; and I definitely would not have been able to follow my true passion so soon. Learn more about my Outdoor Science Education program here!

For my Applied Project, I created a website that shares information about the White Mountain National Forest. This research idea was posed around the question: “What IMG_2417.jpgcould I teach people about in the White Mountain National Forest?” So many people hike these beautiful trails, and know little to nothing about them. They may not know how the forest became a National Forest. They may not know about the plants, trees, or wild life they may see while hiking along the trails. They may not know the geology of the mountains, or what to do if bad weather strikes. The list can go on and on. So, I figured a blog would be the best way to get some of this information out to anyone who is interested.


I learned a lot through this project by speaking with a forest ranger at the White Mountain National Forest Headquarters. He told me to create a diverse page and to make sure I include a brief history of the Forest. I also received some insight from one of my Environmental Science professors. Though her, I learned even more about the forest that I did not know. Most of the posts I created are things that I found interesting and wanted to learn more about. I am excited to use my new-found knowledge this summer when I work at a camp on Newfound Lake. Check out my Applied Project by following this link.

For my Research Article, I researched how the outdoors is beneficial to your health and wellness. I am pulled research from subjects such as: Adventure Education, Exercise and Sport Physiology, Health Education and Promotion, Philosophy, and Psychology. This research is important to me because as an Outdoor Educator, getting people to go outside is kind of my thing. If I end up working with clients who just don’t want to be outside, at least I can have some persuading facts in my back pocket to share.

Personally, being outside has helped me in so many ways. I wanted to share this by writing intensely about just a few of the benefits the outdoors has on human beings. While writing this, I also learned some new things myself. (Like how electronics emit a blue light that is very harmful to your eyes! D: ). It is an easy read for anyone, at any age. I hope that people will read this and realize how much your life can change by just spending a little bit more time outdoors. Check out my Research Article by following this link.

Out of everything I have done thus far, including my AP, RA, and my IDS major as a whole, I have learned a great deal about the field I am getting into as well as where I want to go within it. I still have one more semester of course work to complete, as well as summer adventures to leaIMG_2657.jpgn from. I am going to spend a week in Acadia National Park, learning about and conducting science research. I am also going to be working at a summer camp where I will be taking boys, of all ages, out on backpacking and climbing trips all throughout the White Mountain National Forest. While doing both of these activities, I will be able to utilize the information I have learned and apply it, everyday, while working this summer. I have also built stronger connections with the professors that I have involved to create my major. This will help me in the very-near future when I am looking for a real person job when I graduate. All in all, this whole journey has been truly rewarding to me, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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